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It takes an entire team to put out a weekly show.  Find out more about the team members below and watch for social media updates from all of them on the LIVE! In Tallahassee Facebook page.


For more than 8 years, LIVE! In Tallahassee has been a part of the North Florida entertainment and hospitality scene.  If you believe in supporting local television and would like to reach our 19 county viewing area, please visit our advertising page to find out how you can become a part of our team.


LIVE! In Tallahassee. Find out what has happened and what will.

LIVE! In Tallahassee is produced by Silver Digital Media. Find out more about Joel Silver below.  Each week, the show takes viewers on a ride to see what is happening in our region.

Joel hopes this show can be a part of the formula to help get Tallahassee out of the bad economy by featuring new and long-time businesses in town.  He recently married Claudette Cleary.  Joel Silver is available to speak to groups and meetings in Tallahassee.

Entertainment, Events, Travel

Joel Silver has dedicated much of his career to creating new, interesting content on television including talk shows, news programs, and now LIVE! In Tallahassee.  Joel created LIVE! In Tallahassee as a show that highlights the exciting things happening around the Tallahassee community.

Joel Silver